À La Carte Event Planning Services

Need Help With Planning an Event? Take Advantage of Lulu's Cutting-Edge Expertise With Our Consulting Services.

Whether you are an agency or a company, you may want to plan your events using your organization’s internal resources. For several years now, our clients have been using our “à la carte” expertise to assist them in the planning of their events. Are you looking for a trusted partner who contributes to your project’s success? Here are some of the services that we can easily integrate into your team.

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Our Event Planning "à La Carte" Services

Creative Brainstorm

With expertise in event planning dating back to 2003, we have become virtuosos when it comes to inventing concepts from scratch to create colourful moments. Would you like an event that is out of the ordinary? Lulu is here to brainstorm with you and stimulate your imagination.

Venue and Vendor Search

Take advantage of our extensive address book and contacts throughout the city and across the province. Quebec is brimming with venues ranging from the most historic to the most original. Depending on your needs, we can offer you several ideal choices with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Logistics Advice

How do you plan the logistics of an event so that everything runs smoothly from the planning phase to event day? How can you effectively build the event sequence? Lulu provides you with the tools and support to ensure a flawless logistical performance.

Do You Want to Collaborate to Create an Exceptional Event?

Let us know what aspects of event consulting you need

  • Search for the host, master of ceremonies
  • MC proposition
  • Search for and selection of the decorations
  • Speechwriting and preparation of the speakers
  • Choice of caterer and menu to match the theme of the event

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