About Lulu

Lulu Events has demonstrated its resilience on several occasions since the beginning of 2020. First by putting the team’s logistical knowledge at the service of the community and creating a complex volunteer program, and then by completely reinventing itself and becoming pioneers and experts in digital events. Since May 2020, the team has demonstrated agility and expertise in organizing several large-scale virtual events!

To step into the world of Lulu Events is to immerse yourself, for a moment, in an event created from scratch to provide each guest with a memorable experience.

Lulu Events is an event agency that has existed in Canada for more than 15 years. Our dedicated teams are there before, during and after events to ensure a tailor-made experience. Our experience has taught us that events have become an essential communication tool to connect people with each other: here, we do “PtoP” People to People.

A meeting with Mirella Di Blasio, founder of Lulu événements, allows us to grasp in a few minutes that her boundless imagination, coupled with an innate sense of organization make her an excellent mobilizer.

« What’s great about this? »

Singer, author and strong of a career of several years in advertising, Mirella is the idealist of the most colorful projects. Since 2011, she has been sharing her knowledge by offering training in event planning for Infopresse.

Mirella Di Blasio


Lulu's team

Pierre D. Martin

Director of Operations

Mirella Di Blasio

President, Creative Director

Mona Menassa

Project Manager

Mona Menassa

Project Manager

Jérôme Mongeau

Account Manager

Manon Blache Veschi

Communications Coordinator