About Lulu Events

Events: an essential communication tool to reconnect people with each other!

Lulu Events is an event agency that has existed in Canada for more than 15 years. Our dedicated teams are there before, during and after events to ensure a tailor-made experience. Our experience has taught us that events have become an essential communication tool to connect people with each other: here, we do “PtoP” People to People.

Whether it’s 100 people or 1,800 people, guests are welcomed like at home, with human warmth as if you were one of our loved ones.

Creativity, rigor, strategy, versatility: welcome to Lulu Events. The smile stamped on the face and the good mood are particles integrated into the DNA of the Lulu team.

What brings Lulu's team together is the passion to bring events to life that exceed our customers' expectations.

Lulu's DNA is tinged with the personality and culture of each of its members, Quebecers of origin or adopted. They stand out for their openness to the world, their understanding of our clients' needs and challenges and the complementarity of their expertise and talents.


Our team

Pierre D. Martin

Director of Operations

Mirella Di Blasio

President, Creative Director

Carlos Socorro


Julien Ardisson

Project manager

Jérôme Mongeau

Marketing specialist

Benoît Canaux

Event Coordinator

Charlotte Mahieu

Junior Coordinator