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40 Epicureans

Do you want to highlight your know-how or your products in an unusual way, original and on brand? This is the option chosen by Métrie, specialists in high-end doors and moldings, to thank its partners each year. A tailor-made evening that combines creativity and adaptability.

A tailor-made corporate event

For several years, Lulu Events has been organizing an upscale evening for Métrie's partners. Cole’s version? Métrie products become the stars of this evening The goal? Reinforce existing links, thank them for the work they have done and present them with Metrics products in a new light. Lulu Events has created a bespoke concept where every piece - centerpiece, trays, tables or stage sets - is made from the customer's doors and moldings. On the day, Lulu teams take care of the guests from a meeting point, and bring them to a secret, innovative place, to create the effect of surprise and offer them a tailor-made experience.

Do you wish to organize a corporate event? Lulu Events can help you.

Turnkey events specialist, Lulu Events can help you organize your conference, anywhere in Canada:

  • Creation of the artistic concept
  • Event production
  • Search, management and location rental
  • Menu and bar made to measure, adapted to your needs
  • Video and multimedia production
  • Audiovisual and technical management
  • Graphics and impressions
  • Decorations and furniture
  • Animations, artistic performances and photography

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