Fundraising Event Planners

With Heart and Precision

Organizing a project that you hold dear starts with a team that puts its heart into it!

On-site and/or online, bring your guests together for a custom fundraiser tailored to the challenges of 2021-2022.

Lulu Event Services

High-end events conceived with the utmost precision and care.

Organizing a Fundraiser Is More Than Just a Source of Funding

  • Share a mission

  • Promote mobilization
  • Reach donors

A major event should be a unique experience. Lulu creates events that combine sharing noble values with the desire to thank donors. This is done through the implementation of a strong concept, an inventive artistic signature, a refined menu and a warm atmosphere.

Lulu’s 360-degree management goes well beyond the event’s production. It provides the fundraising committee with the support necessary to reach its objectives.

Corporate Fundraising Services Offered

  • Conceptualization of the event

  • Creation of a sponsorship plan
  • Original sponsorship activations
  • Organization of the event
  • Customized presentation to the honorary committee

Tools to Facilitate Fundraising

Lulu Events assists you in canvassing future sponsors and donors.

By reinventing the sponsorship plan presentation for the NPO (clean design, meticulous visual appearance), it becomes the face of the upcoming event. The sponsorship booklet is also custom-made for your organization and includes a variety of sponsorship activation ideas related to the concept of the evening.

Charity Event Planning and Breaking Traditional Forms

Sporting activities are becoming increasingly popular. Montreal’s Cardiac Smash, organized by Lulu Events, is a perfect example. Companies are invited to form teams to participate in a ping-pong tournament benefitting the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada.

A fun way to fundraise!