Gala Event Planners

Prestigious Events

For more than 15 years, Lulu Events has been designing and producing high-end gala nights to showcase leaders from a variety of backgrounds.

On-site and/or online, bring your guests together for a custom gala tailored to the challenges of 2021-2022.

Lulu Event Services

High-end events conceived with the utmost precision and care.

Organizing a Corporate Gala: Recognizing Excellence

  • Honour peers

  • Value exceeded expectations
  • Faire Promote values

Lulu Events creates tribute evenings that are uniquely adapted to the needs of companies.

Awards presentations and dinner speeches are meant to recognize and celebrate the outstanding contributions of deserving members of an organization or profession.

Artistic performances will enliven the evening and illustrate the gala’s message, while a popular public figure will bring a spark to the hosting duties of the master of ceremonies.

Prestigious Events + High-End Production

Nothing is left to chance when Lulu Events is at the helm of a gala dinner and its conceptualization.

Professional galas are high-end evenings with no room for mistakes. The team irons out the details to let the magic happen!

  • Ideation and conception of the evening

  • Gala scripting
  • Venue search, management and rental
  • Vendor search (artists, chefs, hosts)
  • Artistic direction and staging
  • Technical sequencing (audio, video and control room)
  • Stakeholder coordination

Celebrate and Meet

A gala night is an occasion for sharing unique moments with your clients, members or partners.

It also allows different actors from the same sector to meet and develop business relationships.

An Experienced Agency to Help You Create a Gala That Exceeds Your Expectations

Custom gala nights will ensure you reach your business objectives.

  • Awards dinner to honour prominent personalities from an industry

  • Gala to recognize a profession
  • Fundraising gala