Product Launch Events

Product Launch and Grand Opening Event Planning

Lulu Events helps companies highlight key moments and spread the news to influential people among a target audience.

On-site and/or online, bring your guests together for a custom launch events tailored to the challenges of 2021-2022.

Lulu Event Services

High-end events conceived with the utmost precision and care.

Product Launch and Event Services: 1 + 1 = 3

By integrating the event-based approach to product launches, the day becomes a complete experience. It makes the participant breathe in the magic or be wooed by the mystique, which evokes a smile and inspires them to recount the moment.

It is the secret ingredient that changes the equation.

During a launch, expectations are high and there is only one chance to make a good first impression.

Unveil, Share, Promote

A Megaphone for Your Announcement

A launch or opening event generally includes a news conference in the late morning. A light snack after the conference allows people to meet the team, approach the product (or visit the premises) and ask a few questions.

If one wishes, an evening is organized to bring together influential people from the company’s area of activity (influencers, partners, potential customers, etc.).

The Grand Opening, an Event that Sets the Tone

An opening event is the result of a vision that was often born several years prior. After all that hard work, it’s time to share this accomplishment and showcase the facilities.

When Lulu Events approaches an opening, our team gets to work building on the proposal.

When the evening comes, the agency skillfully transforms the space to hold what is sure to be an acclaimed “Launch Party”!

  • Scrip creation, visit coordination

  • Lighting design and decor
  • Fact sheets or information booth (e.g. for specialized equipment)

Expanding the Brand's Reach

By properly targeting stakeholders (potential customers, influencers, media, people from the industry), companies ensure that targets are reached.

Lulu Events works in close coordination with media relations agencies to manage invitations and the overall communications strategy.