Events in 2022 : the opinions of our collaborators

In a previous article, an examination of the question “What is a hybrid event?” helped our readers better dissect this new type of event. And yes, today the term “hybrid” is on everyone’s lips! It is important to remember that hybrid events do not divide an audience, but that, to the contrary, they provide the unifying aspect that we had all been hoping for!

The importance of getting together

Hybrid event programming promotes connectivity between your two audiences: the in-person and the virtual. So what does this mean?

If we were seeking to define hybrid events, we might agree that it is simply a question of perfecting the art of fusing in-person with virtual. The strength of event players lies in their creativity and ingenuity, in their understanding of the full set of risks and threats, and in helping the best opportunities rise to the top.

It is for this reason that, in the fall of 2021, Lulu Events is launching its own hybrid events, in television program format! Of course, this is an entirely fluid formula. It is difficult to predict the future without a crystal ball, so this is where the advantage of hybrid events comes into play, as they are the best approach for adapting to shifting COVID-19 sanitary measures.

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Planning an event?

Preparing for the unexpected

For 18 months, the entire world has understood that everything is liable to change overnight and that it is difficult to make plans. With hybrid events, it will therefore be much easier to withdraw the in-person aspect of an event, even at the eleventh hour before D-Day!

Of course, all this can be accomplished while still ensuring that your event will be held. Hybrid events allow you to flip the on/off switch and shift to a fully virtual event as the need arises. Following health protocols has been one of Lulu Events’ priorities since the start of the pandemic. Virtual events represent a real added value for the event industry, and especially so for its content deployment options.

By fusing in-person and virtual events, we can redefine our concept of time and space. Thus, a Parisian chef can give a virtual cooking class to your friends around the world, as the rest of your collaborators attend a circus show while sipping champagne! Lulu Events brings your wildest ideas to life with boundless imagination.

Since multiple opinions are better than one, we went knocking on our collaborators’ doors to get their viewpoint on hybrid events!


The opinions of our collaborators

Benoît Rousseau, event photographer, sees hybrid events as an added value for the world of event planning: “I am convinced that people need to gather together and experience events as a group”. Yes, it’s true; people do desperately need to find one another, to share common and meaningful experiences once again. With a smile, he tells us: “And I will not hide the fact that I prefer to photograph people during celebrations, while interacting. I don’t have the all the answers – for hybrid events – but I am convinced that in the future, this new formula could explode.”

Then, we realized that this “new formula” was already attractive to many. DX Event Furnishings has a vision of hybrid events that shadows that of Lulu Events. Allow us introduce this company to you in a few words…

Imagine an organisation that can, through furniture, support the ideas and concepts generated by Lulu Events for everything relating to the design of your events, all according to the direction you wish to take. Get it? Well, now you have it. It’s DX!

Mélissa Daneau, Sales Director at DX Event Furnishings, has agreed to share her experience with us in greater detail, as it applies to an eventual return to stricter sanitary measures. What could be done with the in-person aspect should the government decide to reinstate lockdown, for example?

“As with anything else, it’s the principle of having both a plan A and a plan B,” she tells us. “It’s time required for management, for pondering the concept in light of what the customer expects, taking into account the possibility that the in-person aspect could be nullified at any time.”

By polling our partners and collaborators, we found that hybrid events have reinstated human beings as the heart of the matter, through physical encounters, ease of networking, and conversational exchange. The virtual approach has certainly shone with its effectiveness in recent months, and it has been made clear that it is truly beneficial for many, with its accessible and efficient content.

Is it therefore not entirely reasonable to pursue the hybrid path by taking advantage of our learning, both recent and past?

The wait is over

As you now know, Lulu Events is setting off on a new adventure, and will never stop adding tools to its arsenal. The mission has remained steadfast: to help you care for the people who matter to you! Hybrid events are an opportunity to ascribe meaning to our work and allow our guests to reconnect with one another.


Written by
Manon Blache Veschi
Stephanie Heendrickxen

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