Events in the service of brand image

Having a crush is easy, but “loving” is a choice! Well, this also applies to brands. This is the reason why you must weave your brand image with care, make it impactful. And what if events are the best way to promote your brand image?

Much more than simply a name and logo, branding embodies your company’s DNA. Some brands have been with us since childhood, and others have provided us with a spark of awareness that we lacked! Be that as it may, many are the brands that we love and support.

You have poured hours and hours into reflection; you have blackened thousands of blank pages with your ideas, your various concepts. Then, you invested time into generating your brand image, so that today, it has its own personality, made of a thousand and one colours. It is inspired by your belief; you have shaped it to perfectly reflect your company’s values. Over time, a friendship is forged, and you are committed to making her grow, all while remaining true to your origins. Branding is a way to exclaim to the world “We understand each other! ” written in red neon.

The greatest challenge to face: standing out while remaining faithful to your values. Last but not least: consistency and audacity!

The importance of the golden thread

Breadcrumb trail, golden thread, common thread… As you will have understood, when we talk about thread, we are talking about direction, hence the importance of not getting our wires crossed! Though your services or products might meet the needs of your target audience, they may still not know if they can make you their “must-have”.

It’s about understanding the perceptions of the outside world. All involved parties have their significance, such as your consumers, your employees, your partners, your friends if necessary (well, except those who have taste that is… dubious)! We are inspired by what surrounds us every day.

The consistency of your brand image is based primarily on a defined graphical charter, which constitutes your golden thread. It allows you to define your logo, your colour palette, your fonts, your graphical elements, and above all, the tone of your communications. Your mission is bold; make it resonate through your visual identity. The goal is to be recognized at a glance by the parties listed above.

Be careful, though – if we might be permitted to play at being scientists, we would say that it is nevertheless important to understand how strongly visuals impact people. Memory is capable of storing long-term information, and the more we stimulate different areas of the brain, the more likely we are to retain information.

The science brief now over, we strongly advise you to call upon an expert: a graphic designer on your same wavelength, so that you may together weave a golden thread trail that unspools to infinity…

Moreover, establishing a graphical charter also saves precious time. Your visuals are always ready, which makes your communications more fluid, regular, and of high quality.

Lulu’s little tip: be wary of falling victim to trends. If you decide you need to change elements of your graphical charter, enact those changes gradually; otherwise your communications could be misunderstood.

Events and brand image: a potential for influence

During the event is the moment when your brand image transitions from connection to conversation. It’s a sort of culmination of your communications strategy, bridging the gap between company and consumer. It is an elegant continuum that provides the requisite foundation for your influence.

In addition to extending your brand’s awareness, the event provides a genuine opportunity to deliver a clear and impactful message about your company. This segment increases people’s positive perceptions of your brand, enables encounters and one-on-one moments, and provides a serene communication space for all concerned parties. In short, it’s all about forging strong bonds!

The strength of sponsorship plans

Another decisive factor: a well-made golden thread can open the door to partnership agreements that correspond to your values. The more developed and aligned your visual identity is, the more likely it is that your sponsorship plan will inspire your potential partners, in addition to financially supporting your efforts. Thanks to your visual identity, they already know you, and are fully aware of your mission and vision, since you will have made your communications crystal clear. Great news: they wish to join in on your adventure!

In order to continue writing your story with the same pen, a seasoned event agency in a position to provide you with a sponsorship plan adapted to your needs and those of your partners.

Need a little help demystifying sponsorship and understanding its importance? We recommend reading our article “ Event sponsorship – The practical guide

Recapping it all!

Branding defines the outside world’s perception of your business. Branding fosters a lasting relationship with your target audience. It’s up to you to seek out the right artist to define the canvas of your designs. In reality, events answer the needs of brand image and vice versa, in a harmonious duet!

Point number one: it is important to forge your brand image with a golden thread, a graphical charter anchored in long-term purpose. This allows you to establish a certain level of consistency in the dissemination of your communications.

Point number two: the event segment allows you to entrench positive perceptions of your company and build strong relationships with your partners.

We want our tips to help your brand image live on through the ages. Keep on shining the light of your audacity!


Written by
Manon Blache Veschi
Stephanie Heendrickxen

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