Experiential Marketing

Make a Lasting Impression With Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is the art of creating an experience for a consumer to increase a company’s brand awareness. It’s also a great way of demonstrating expertise. In this age of social networking, experiential marketing is an exceptional tool for creating “Instagrammable” moments to boost the visibility of a brand or product.

Coupes à vin expérientiel

Experiential Marketing for Events

Lulu creates experiential marketing concepts for several types of events.

  • Product or new brand launch
  • Festival
  • Opening event (shopping mall, boutique, etc.)
  • Media launch
Décors pour Taxi

Turnkey Solutions

Lulu Events knows all about experiential marketing and supports you every step of the way.

  • Conceptualization of the event
  • Customer traffic study
  • Budget management
  • Coordination and logistics (employees and vendors)
  • Staff hiring and management (hosts, make-up artists, photographers, stylists, hairdressers)
  • Communications management (graphic design and printing, video clips, multimedia, audiovisual equipment)
  • Furniture, accessory and decoration rental
  • MC proposition

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