Sponsorship Activation

Event Sponsorship

For many years, Lulu Events has been acing the challenge of creating visibility for companies that contribute financially to your important projects by generating original ideas to highlight that contribution.

Lulu Experiential Marketing

Immersive concepts to promote brands

Creative Solutions to Make Sponsors Shine

A cocktail given on a terrace can, for example, take on the sponsor’s colours, with furniture matching the style of the sponsor’s graphic charter and glasses bearing their logo. A performance may even evoke the sponsor’s contribution… Several concepts will be proposed depending on the donor’s objective.

The golden rule? Make guests live and breathe the brand experience.

Activation can also take place outside the bounds of the event. Decorating a sponsorship recipient’s conference room in their office is an interesting proposal for a company wishing to gain visibility with a new customer base.

During an event’s sponsorship activation, a special moment in the evening will be used to put the spotlight squarely on the brand or company.

Original Concepts, Elegant Sponsorship Activation Plans

Lulu Events proposes various concepts and activation strategies in the sponsorship package it gives to its clients. The visual presentation will make it easier and more engaging to convey information to your potential sponsors.