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Behind the scenes at All In

ALL IN can bear witness to the birth of a multitude of collaborations between different stakeholders, all with the goal of breathing life into the first international conference on artificial intelligence in Montreal. Six months of production time and more than 150 people in the field turned this adventure into a reality.

Event planning

20 years ahead of oneself

As Aznavour once said: “Just yesterday, I was 20 years old”. A sweet scent of nostalgia and renewal has been drifting through the air at Lulu since the start of the year. At the dawn of this great transition, Mirella has been reminiscing about the beginnings of our grand adventure and her very first steps in a Lulu’s skin. The original Lulu.

Organizing an event

Orchestrating Your Holiday Season: An Interview with Santa Claus 

Organizing an event

Image rights and events

“Do I have the rights to broadcast photos taken at my event?” This is a major question, isn’t it? Our team of investigators has set out to demystify the issue of image rights in events. This subject has floundered too long in troubled waters, and today we will attempt to put it to rest!

Social Issues

Three event contemplation paths to be walked this summer

Whether these questions cross your mind when you’ve got your feet in the surf or when you are working on your beautiful projects, the entire Lulu team wishes for you to enjoy every second to the fullest. In this summer season, we hope you can take time for friends, for a bit of sun with a hint of dolce far niente… 

Event planning

Measuring the impact of event sponsorship 

In a previous article, the Lulu events team provided good advice for finding the best sponsorships for your events. Several methods exist for measuring an event’s success, with sponsorship being one of the most effective.

Event planning

Originality, relevance, solidarity – how virtual events generate value 

Virtual events create value for an organization.