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This Is Not An End Of Year Party

Corporate party


75 dadaists

Expérience plaisante
Maximize the contact between the employees, bring the guests to interact and especially create the exceptional: here is the ask from the agency Taxi for their end of the year party. The goal was to create an event like the agency.

For 15 years, Lulu creates the unforgettable!

"To doubt the conventional, is to create the exceptional" (nothing less!) Lulu Events proposed to the agency Taxi the theme of Dadaism which is "The questioning of all the conventions". This avant-garde intellectual, literary and aesthetic movement dating back to the 1920s was well suited to both the image of the agency and the objectives of the evening. Happy Dada!

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Do you want to organize a outstanding evening? Lulu Events can help you!

Lulu Events undertakes broad research of original concepts in order to create an event tailor made for your brand. From the past to the future, the agency has a nose to sniff out the trends or revisit them to create something never seen before! Because in the end we want:

  • That your vent is an optimal opportunity to do B to B (body to body) and communicate your key messages ...
  • A return on your objectives of the evening ...
  • That you shine with your guests ...
  • That your guests say at the end of the event "Had to be there! "

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