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Les Talentueuses Gala

More than a decade of collaboration with the Association des Femmes en finance du Québec. The goal? Showcase recognize, the achievements and advancements of women with remarkable career paths.


Les Talentueuses Gala

Les Talentueuses Gala


Ambitious women in the spotlight

Each year, the AFFQ highlights the concrete achievements of Quebec women in the world of finance. This annual spring event inspires participants and fuels women’s ambition. For a moment, attendees find themselves at the heart of innovation.


Life stories…

The Gala Les Talenteuses has always been supported by video clips produced by the Lulu team. Each concept is brilliantly crafted by our creative director, Mirella Di Blasio, who makes it her mission to capture the essence of the winners each year. Her inspiration comes from the heart, and with each new production emerge human discoveries and the inspiring career stories of the winners.

The experience

A strong network of women in finance

With each occasion, the Gala Les Talentueuses offers an opportunity to showcase the extraordinary careers of women who are shaping the finance industry in Quebec.

“My collaboration with Martine Cantin and the AFFQ has taught me a lot. I was also able to see the challenges that gender parity still presents in business,” our founder stated.

The event is a powerful symbol that leaves an indelible impression each spring.