International gathering

General civil aviation authority UAE

The Lulu team still remembers the incredible feeling of accomplishment that followed this major event. 

General civil aviation authority UAE

General civil aviation authority UAE



Each two years, the ICAO Assembly – Specialized Agency of the United Nations brings together 193 member countries in Montreal. On this occasion, the GCAA the paragovernmental body that regulates civil aviation in the United Arab Emirates — held a reception to gather the key stakeholders of ICAO member countries, in the name of innovation and various advances in the field of aviation. 

The Experience

Journey through the history of the Middle East

“We still get goosebumps!” laughs Mirella. Our founder remembers these production days, reminding us how essential it is to surround yourself with people who “put their whole heart into carrying out this type of project.  


Enlisting everyone’s strengths

How could we fly a plane inside the Palais des Congrès? How could we implement official protocols adapted for international political stakeholders? 

This event demanded 45 days of production, in the midst of a labour shortage. That’s seven weeks to reproduce the Dubai Museum of the Future in its entirety, and with more than 1000 invitees on the guest list. 

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