Grand inauguration

Quebec Iron Ore

Team Lulu heads to Bloom Lake!

Quebec Iron Ore

Quebec Iron Ore


A one-of-a-kind event

As part of the launch of Phase II of the Quebec Iron Ore production plant, the Lulu Events team headed to Bloom Lake. The context for the event was unprecedented, as we needed to create an entire space onsite at the mine.   


Complete transformation of a site

We brought in a 240-tonne truck measuring 33′ x 43′ and built a 20-foot-high stage on it.  

Through four days of setup and assisted by a team of 50 experts, the Lulu événements team succeeded in transforming the site for more than 400 guests. 

We managed the travel logistics for our teams and equipment, as well as for the guests, to Bloom Lake from three different cities in Quebec. 

The experience

At the heart of Innu traditions

Lulu Event exists to create meaningful memories. On D-Day, each of the guests had the opportunity to witness live blasting… Not something you get to see every day! 

While the event was in full swing, an Innu artistic performance took place, followed by traditional throat singing. 

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