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The Lulu Dictionary: Understand all the Terms Used in the Events Industry!

Congress, gala, seminar, trade show… It can be hard to find your way around all these terms! To help you understand and differentiate all these events, Lulu has put together a great guide to make sure you understand your next invitation card! From corporate events to training activities, by the end of this article, you’ll be an expert in the events dictionary yourself!

Event planning

20 years ahead of oneself

As Aznavour once said: “Just yesterday, I was 20 years old”. A sweet scent of nostalgia and renewal has been drifting through the air at Lulu since the start of the year. At the dawn of this great transition, Mirella has been reminiscing about the beginnings of our grand adventure and her very first steps in a Lulu’s skin. The original Lulu.

Event planning

Lessons Learned as a Trade Show Exhibitor!

On Thursday February 22, Lulu Événements participated in the Salon Expérience Les Affaires as an exhibitor and major partner. For once, Lulu wasn’t organizing the event, but we were able to make the most of it ! Every year, this show is an opportunity for our agency to showcase its creativity with an unusual stand. Our aim: to break the mold! “Why have a white, square stand when it could be tinted mauve, with a futuristic look and a popcorn poll?” says Mirella Di Blasio, founder of Lulu Événements.

Event planning

The Importance Of Timing In Event Planning: Anticipate To Succed

In the dynamic and fast-paced world of event planning, we all understand that time management and organization are crucial. As a client, effective management of deadlines is your best ally. This is what will make the difference between a memorable event and a disappointing experience. If you let too much time pass before taking concrete action, you risk compromising the quality of your event. You wouldn’t want to risk losing your favorite venue just because you acted too late!

Organizing an event

Behind the scenes at All In

ALL IN can bear witness to the birth of a multitude of collaborations between different stakeholders, all with the goal of breathing life into the first international conference on artificial intelligence in Montreal. Six months of production time and more than 150 people in the field turned this adventure into a reality.

Organizing an event

Orchestrating Your Holiday Season: An Interview with Santa Claus 

Organizing an event

Image rights and events

“Do I have the rights to broadcast photos taken at my event?” This is a major question, isn’t it? Our team of investigators has set out to demystify the issue of image rights in events. This subject has floundered too long in troubled waters, and today we will attempt to put it to rest!